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Biona Amaranth Pops 6x100g
Biona Rye Bread   6x500g
Biona Rye Bread 6x500g
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Biona Carrot Juice    6x 1l
Biona Carrot Juice 6x 1l
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Biona Cashew Butter      6x170g
Biona Cider Vinegar    6x500ml
Biona Coconut Milk    6x400ml
Biona Gherkins - lge    6x670g
Biona Gherkins - sml    6x350g
Biona Hazel Butter     6x170g
Biona Hazel Butter 6x170g
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Biona Hemp Seed Oil    6x250ml
Biona Honeycake    6x320g
Biona Honeycake 6x320g
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Biona Linseed Gold    6x500g
Biona Linseed Gold 6x500g
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Biona Linseed Oil    6x250ml
Biona Linseed Oil 6x250ml
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Biona Millet Bread    6x250g
Biona Millet Bread 6x250g
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Biona Muesli Cookie    6x240g
Biona Orange Juice    6x1L
Biona Orange Juice 6x1L
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Biona Passata    12x680g
Biona Passata 12x680g
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Biona Passata   12x680g
Biona Passata 12x680g
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Biona Pesto - vegan    6x125g
Biona Tomato Juice  6x1l
Biona Tomato Juice 6x1l
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Biona White Fusilli     12x500g
Biona White Lasagne    12x250g
Biona White Penne    12x500g
Biona White Penne 12x500g
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Biona Wild Rice Mix 6x500g
Biona Spelt Cakes    12x100g
Biona Spelt Cakes 12x100g
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Biona Linseed Brown     6x500g
Biona Sour Worms    12x75g
Biona Sour Worms 12x75g
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